1. The rental price includes all taxes and additional fees, that is:utilities such as electricity, water, internet and cleaning before the Lessee’s arrival.
  2. The apartment is equipped with bed linen and towels in the amount of one set per person. The set includes: a sheet, a pillow, a duvet, a large towel, a small towel.
  3. There is one parking space in front of the building for each apartment. The Lessor is not responsible for damage or loss of the car or other vehiclesbelonging to the Lessee.
  4. The apartment is rented for nights, on a per night basis.


  1. The night at the apartment starts at 3pm and endson 11 am the following day (check-in from 3 pm to 9 pm, check out by 11 am next day)
    1. late check-out (after 11 am until 2 pm additionallypaid 200 NOK).
    2. late check-in (after 9:01pm – an additional fee of 200 NOK). In case of lack of information about late check-out / check-in, the amount will be charged from the deposit.
  1. Upon arrival at the Bazylapartment, the Lessee is obliged to pay the amount due for the stay or additional fees, if any, in cash or by credit card via the website www.bazylapartment.com
  2. Keys are issued only after completing the above-mentioned formalities. The staff has the right to refuse to hand in the keys to the Lessee if the latter does not pay for additional services or fees.
  3. Upon departure, the Lessee is obliged toclose the apartment and put the keys in the key safe.


  1. In the event of cancellation, the following conditions apply:
    1. up to 30 days before arrival – full refund of the deposit
    2. up to 14 days before arrival – the amount of the deposit is charged.
  2. The Lessor is not obliged to return the money for the period of stay unused by the Lessee.
  3. If it is impossible to reach the previously agreed date, the Lessee is obliged to immediately notify the host of the Bazylapatrment by phone. In the event of no contact with the Lessee, the Lessor has the right to cancel the booking and settle it in accordance with the item &3 point 1.


  1. The number of people staying in the Apartment is limited to the number reported in the booking process. If the number of people turns out to be greater than the one specified when booking, the Lessee is required to pay an additional contractual penalty of200NOK for each additional person per night.
  2. The Lessee is obliged to strictly observe the night-time quite hours (from 10 pmto 7 am). In case of violating the night’s rest or violating the generally applicable rules of social coexistence, the Lessor may terminate the concluded contract with immediate effect without meeting the terms of termination of the contract. In this case, the Lessor is not obliged to return the amounts for the unused period of renting the Apartment.
  3. Organizing social events by the Lessee in the Apartment is prohibited. If the Lessee organizes a social event that turns out to be burdensome for other tenants, the Lessee shall pay the Lessor a contractual penalty of 1 000 NOK.
  4. Smoking tabacco or any other substances is strictly prohibited in the Apartment and in the whole Bazylapartmentbuilding.If the Lessee disobeys the above-mentioned prohibition, they will be obliged to pay the Lessor a penalty of  1 000 NOK.
  5. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use pyrotechnics in the Apartment.
  6. The Lessee is obliged to maintain and return the House in the same condition as at the moment of arrivaland undertakes to use it in accordance with its intended purpose.
  7. Pets areallowed only after prior notification of the Lessor and payable in one sum 150 NOK for the whole stay.
  8. The Lessee is responsible for the keys to the Apartment entrusted to them, and in the event of loss –  obliged to cover theircost
  9. Each time the Lessee leaves the Apartment, they should check that all electronicdevices, water and gas valves are turned off, and that doors and windows are closed. The Lessee is obliged to immediately notify the Lessor about any defects occurring both in the Apartment and in the equipment during the stay.
  10. The above also applies to the discrepancy between the Apartment’s equipment list and the actual equipment.
  11. It is forbidden to introduce repairs or changes in the Apartment.
  12. In the event of any damage or faults, the Lessor should be notified immediately.
  13. It is forbidden to transfer the equipment of the Apartments to other neighboring premises.
  14. Causing excessive soiling, disrupting the premises to gross disorder, leaving stains on blankets, bedspreads, curtains, curtains, carpets, sofas, armchairs, etc., will result in a charge of 500NOK.
  15. Handing in/ collecting the keys takes place on the basis of information and photos sent by the Lessoron the day of arrival.
  16. An integral part of the terms and conditions as well as the contract is the list of equipment and devices placed in the Apartment.
  17. On the last day of the stay, the Lessee is obliged to leavethe Apartment by 11:00 amand the Apartment should be in the same condition as on the day of the Lessee’s arrival.
  18. The Lessor has the right to refuse to accept a Lessee who grossly violated the regulations during the previous stay, caused damage to the Lessor’s property or disturbed the principles of neighbourly coexistence.
  19. The Lessor is not responsible for items left in the Apartment.
  20. The rubbish accumulated by the Lessee during the stay should be removed to the specially designated general rubbish bin.


  1. In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, the consequences of which cannot be immediately eliminated by customary means, the Lessor has the right to withdraw from the contract. This also applies to cases in which the personal safety of the Lessee or their propertycannot be guaranteedfor reasons beyond the control of the Lessor.
  2. In the circumstances indicated in point &5 point 1, the amount paid by the Lessee shall be immediately refunded, with the deduction of amounts due to the Lessor for services already provided. In compensation for inconveniences, the host will offer a convenient discount for the next date chosen by the Lessee.


  1. If the Lessee finds any irregularities, theymay file a complaint until the end of theirstay.
  2. The complaint is examined within 7 days of its receipt. The Lessee will be notified by e-mail about the manner it will be executed.
  3. Any disputes that may arise from or in connection with the interpretation of the Terms and Conditionsshall be resolved by conciliation.


  1. Unawareness of- or the lack of knowledge about the Terms and Conditionsdoes not release the individual Lessee from the responsibility of following those.
  2. We hope you enjoy yourstay in our apartmentsand we are happy to host you again soon.

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